Zhao Jianhua

Internationally-renowned badminton star Zhao Jianhua has served as VICTOR’s global technical adviser since 2010, helping consolidate VICTOR’s position as a specialized manufacturer of badminton equipment. This year he is the spokesperson for the 40th VICTOR Morning Cup and has made a special trip to Taiwan to put on a splendid show for badminton lovers.

In world badminton in the 1980s, Zhao Jianhua and Yang Yang of China, Denmark’s Morten Frost and Indonesia’s Icuk Sugiarto were the “four kings of badminton.” Zhao was widely regarded as being the most talented of the four and was also the last one to retire from the game.

When Frost was at his peak, Zhao was the player most able to threaten him and was respected highly by the Dane. When Zhao e announced his retirement, Frost even said that Zhao was the player “Most able to display the true meaning of badminton”; winning such an accolade from an opponent shows the charm of “King Zhao.”

Zhao Jianhua biography

 1977:Enrolled in a part-time sports college at the age of 12, majoring in badminton.

 1978:Joined Jiangsu Provincial badminton team

 1981: Jiangsu Province’s City Badminton Tournament singles champion at the age of 16.

 1983:Joined China’s national team

 1984:Surprised the world of badminton when he defeated Morten Frost and Jens Nierhoff on the way to becoming singles champion in the Scottish Open.

 1985:Beat Frost and Han Jian to take the singles crown in the Japan Open. In March’s All England Championships he defeated renowned Indonesian player Liem Swie King 2:0 in the semi-final and then overcame Frost 2:1 in the final. In less than four months he defeated four of the world’s leading player, sending shock waves through the world of badminton and becoming the top player of the time.

 1986:After coming back from injury his physical ability had declined but he was as skilled as ever, winning the Malaysian Open, a gold medal at the 10th Asian Games; and the China and Thailand opens.

 1987:Badminton World Cup singles champion

 1988:Thomas Cup Team Champion

 1990:Thomas Cup Team Champion

 1990: All-England Open champion

 1991:Badminton World Championships single champion

 1991:World Grand Prix Finals singles champion