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Konstruksi lubang grommet untuk dilewati oleh hanya satu senar mengurangi gesekan antar senar yang secara otomatis mengurangi lbs yang hilang saat ditarik serta memperpanjang usia senar.

A design breakthrough—ULTRA-THIN FRAME is 7% thinner than the frame of traditional rackets, helping improve the player’s swing speed while maintaining the stiffness and anti-torsion performance of the frame.

The compound frame design can be divided into three major parts: The upper section is made with fan-shaped structure to lower wind resistance and accelerate each swing. The Compound-Sword structure in the middle section is designed to lighten the filler and enable fast rebound. Finally, the lower section is built in airfoil structure to lower wind resistance and keep excellent anti-torsion performance in a 'whipping' style which helps to create steeper and quicker attacks with satisfying control.

Materi Shaft

Graphite+Resin+6.8 SHAFT

Materi Frame



? 24 lbs(10.5Kg) ? 23 lbs(10Kg)

Berat/Ukuran Grip

3U / G5 4U / G5、G6