The square top and 72 string holes make an accurate and sturdy sharp-claw design. Introduced with PYROFIL and Rebound Shield technology, coated with sharp white paint, TK-FC N is a realization of aggressive aesthetics.

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Terinspirasi oleh helikopter militer, struktur berlapis-lapis yang terbuat dari serat karbon dan komposit, meminimalkan ukuran material, memperkuat feel pada handling dan performa pada saat kritis.

Introducing the TORAYCA®PREPREG material from Toray, a leading carbon fiber manufacturer from Japan, NANO FORTIFY TR not only upgrades the elasticity and impact resistance, but also enables excellent exercise performance, which further provides greater repulsion, easy-yet-smooth shot-making, and advanced racket-handling experience.

Bagian shaft ( batang racket ) merupakan kunci utama untuk transmisikan power , itulah mengapa VICTOR selalu berkomitmen untuk mengembangkan bagian shaft yang lebih baik . melalui kombinasi atas bahan yang sangat tangguh dan desain yang inovatif . VICTOR membuat bagian shaft yang terbaik yang pernah ada dengan system anti-torsi yang luar biasa beserta ketahananya .

Different frame structures—including POWER-BOX, DIAMOND, AERO, and AERDYNAMIC—are rearranged and integrated based on computer simulation to optimize the hitting, frame characteristics, and overall performance.

Introducing highly resilient and durable glass fiber into the multilayered design of the frame to provide better elasticity and comfort during hitting.

Materi Shaft

High Resilient Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.5 SHAFT

Materi Frame

High Resilient Modulus Graphite + Nano Fortify TR + HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY



Berat/Ukuran Grip



Product Details

The original TK-F C has already possessed the ideal strength and characteristics in Power Type rackets. The main upgrade is to create additional elasticity and better handling feedback. REBOUND SHIELD combines highly resilient and durable glass fiber with multilayered frame design, enabling not only powerful hits but also incredible flexibility and comfort.

With eye-catching matt white coating and a gold-stamped watermark sticker that symbolizes the champion's glory, TK-F C enhanced edition brings its own noble qualities and is ready to shine on the court with Tai.

The shaft has overall upgrade. The original ANTI-TORSION slim shaft is further reinforced with the diameter of 6.5mm, which increases the strength by more than 4 times to achieve more stable and accurate hits.

The racket frame is built with NANO FORTIFY TR instead of PYROFIL to provide greater resilience and shock-absorption.