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Konstruksi lubang grommet untuk dilewati oleh hanya satu senar mengurangi gesekan antar senar yang secara otomatis mengurangi lbs yang hilang saat ditarik serta memperpanjang usia senar.

serat karbon PYROFIL dan paduanya , merupakan bahan kinerja tinggi dari Jepang . karakteristik rantai yang kuat super ringan menawarkan raket yang sangat baik terhadap redaman getaran atas dampak dari pukulan pada raket . dan meningkatkan penanganan dalam setiap permainan .

Terinspirasi oleh helikopter militer, struktur berlapis-lapis yang terbuat dari serat karbon dan komposit, meminimalkan ukuran material, memperkuat feel pada handling dan performa pada saat kritis.

Designed by computer simulation and aided with the adoption of injection moulding technique, this revolutionized handle style allows the shaft to move more freely, which can not only make swings smoother but also improve overall handling experience.

The compound frame design can be divided into three major parts: The upper section is made with fan-shaped structure to lower wind resistance and accelerate each swing. The Compound-Sword structure in the middle section is designed to lighten the filler and enable fast rebound. Finally, the lower section is built in airfoil structure to lower wind resistance and keep excellent anti-torsion performance in a 'whipping' style which helps to create steeper and quicker attacks with satisfying control.

The adoption of the single-wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT) effectively enhances racket intensity, elasticity, and fatigue resistance. The lightweight enhanced material enables both strength and smooth handling.

Materi Shaft

High ResilienceModulus Graphite +PYROFIL +6.8SHAFT

Materi Frame

High ResilienceModulus Graphite +Nano Fortify SR +HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY


3U:≤29 lbs(13Kg)、4U:≤28 lbs(12.5Kg)

Berat/Ukuran Grip

3U/G5 4U/G5

Product Details

Blade-Like Thinness: Thinner and Stiffer DYNAMIC-SWORD

ARS-HS has made the classic DYNAMIC-SWORD even lighter and thinner to lower the wind resistance and enable faster hits and returns. Engineered with the innovative new material Nano Fortify SR, the frame of ARS-HS is thin, light, stiff, durable, and fatigue-resistant. The speed and elasticity of the racket has been significantly improved, making ARS-HS a racket that can provide you with both outstanding stiffness and incredible handling experience.

Force Transmission: PYROFIL 6.8 Shaft

The shaft is built with the cutting-edge composite carbon fiber material PYROFIL to make the racket stiff and lightweight. With a diameter of 6.8 mm, the shaft allows for more improvement in speed and enables smooth force transmission and greater controllability.

Enjoy the Freedom: Feel Free with FREE CORE Technology

Unlike traditional solid wooden handles, the FREE CORE synthetic handle made with nanotechnology has an innovative hollow structure to improve shock-absorption and create more space for the shaft to flex. It not only allows for smoother hitting and better rebound, but also makes the transition from defense to attack hard for the opponent to be prepared for. The transparent cap exclusively designed by VICTOR further provides a peek into the secret of FREE CORE technology.